In Dorchester, 106-year-old Elizabeth Hinton casts her vote with a smile

When Elizabeth Hinton entered her voting place at a Dorchester middle school this morning, a fellow voter nearby wondered why Hinton was beaming.

“She’s 106 years old,’’ said her companion Maria Robinson, whose husband is Hinton’s nephew.

“One hundred and six!’’ said the woman, who had just voted herself. “God bless her.’’

Elizabeth has been voting since she was 21 years old, and at 106 prefers to vote in person rather than absentee, said her niece and caretaker Helen Robinson, who was also by Hinton’s side.

“She’s been a true citizen in that way,’’ Robinson said. “There’s something about coming to the polls that makes it so wonderful. If she can get there, why can’t the rest of the people get there?’’


Hinton, using a walker, slowly made her way to the registration table at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School on Columbia Road, a broad smile never leaving her face.

Robinson helped her fill out the two-page ballot. Hinton nodded when Robinson asked if she wanted to fill in the oval for Barack Obama, whom she also voted for in 2008.

Back then, Robinson said Hinton didn’t believe Obama would be elected.

“She was so thrilled’’ when Obama was elected, Robinson said.

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