Governor Deval Patrick unveils initiative to build 10,000 housing units a year

Governor Deval Patrick announced Tuesday a plan to produce 10,000 multi-family housing units a year in an effort to keep young, educated professionals in the Bay State.

The initiative includes a program called Compact Neighborhoods meant to “encourage and create’’ housing near jobs, transit stops, and city and village centers, according to state officials.

Patrick introduced the program at a Worcester-based meeting Tuesday called “Under One Roof,’’ sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

“Access to housing for our middle-and moderate-income families is an important component in the Commonwealth’s continued growth to retain and build our young and innovative workforce,’’ he said in a prepared statement. “By working to strengthen and expand our current initiatives and through greater collaboration with organizations and agencies across the Commonwealth, we aim to produce 10,000 multi-family housing units annually. This will further support our state’s continued growth and economic competitiveness for generations to come.’’

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