Deval Patrick says he would not resign as governor to become President Obama’s attorney general

Governor Deval Patrick said today he would not resign his current office to become US attorney general for President Obama’s second term.

“No,’’ the governor told the Globe when asked the question after he participated in a forum for an audience of Boston business leaders.

“I like what I do, and I have more that I want to accomplish in the next two years,’’ Patrick added. “And then I promised [my wife] Diane that I’d go back into the private sector, and I’m going to keep that promise.’’

Obama, Patrick, their wives, and about a dozen others shared what was billed as a “social dinner’’ last Friday at the White House. The president had been reelected three nights earlier, and Patrick had served as a surrogate campaigner.


The governor said the evening “was about laughing and drinking and telling stories,’’ but there was no conversation about him joining the Cabinet.

Patrick’s term expires in January 2015.

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