Real estate home sales/North


1 Unicorn Circle Xiaotong Wang and Fang Du to Travis Ford and Chelsea Ford, $331,000

220 Elm St. Raymond R. Short and Cary L. Short to Daniel Millard and Jann Millard, $210,000

57 Glen Devin St. Sonia Leal to Elizabeth Ryan, $159,000

1 Glen Devin St. #1 Elisabeth Ryan to Megan Ferguson, $85,000

1 Birchwood Point #104 Carol H. Warren to Melinda S. Fields and Timothy S. Healey, $55,000


6 Gregory Circle Jeffco Inc to Chuan Cheng Hsiao and Tsung Yeh Ou, $749,900

4 Gregory Circle Jeffco Inc to Enyang Huang and Lunan Gao, $699,000

5 Parthenon Circle Liping Ting and Ying Di Ting to Jay Honnavalli and Veni Honnavalli, $659,000

24 Wethersfield Drive John L. Champion and Michele J. Champion to Hamit Garipoglu and Catherine J. Garipoglu, $600,000


207 Lowell St. Christopher Halloran and Lea S. Halloran to Seth A. Starr and Heather Starr, $358,000


98 Valley St. Suzanne M. Perlman to Michael P. Habich and Elizabeth C. Habich, $795,000

2 Sherwood Lane Richard J. Berg Jr RET and Richard J. Berg to Michael F. Mastromatteo and Lisa A. Mastromatteo, $690,000

3 Hawk Hill Rd. Robert E. Lebrun and Ann M. Lebrun to Andrew R. Watzke and Amy L. Watzke, $600,000

26 Middlebury Lane Robert W. Nevins and Amy L. Nevis to Benjamin M. Richard and Elizabeth S. Richard, $550,000

70 Middlebury Lane Jeffrey W. Mckay and Tami L. Mckay to Michael R. Reardon, $515,000

26 High St. #1 Kevin J. Toomey and Emily J. Batchelder to Kevin M. Dubray, $462,000

34 Hale St. Gerard J. Labrecque to Renee E. Burke T. and Renee E. Burke, $440,000

6 Hancock St. Clark A. Mitchell and Diane Mitchell to Daniel P. Ashley and Chisten Ashley, $415,000

7 Marshall Rd. Charles A. Harting and Candace A. Woodbury to Ryan S. Amirault and Katherine D. Aco, $402,000

5 Cogswell Ave. George H. Whitney and Nancy Whitney to Garrett Defrancisco and Amanda Carritte, $395,000

133 Essex St. Andrew R. Watzke and Amy L. Watzke to Timothy J. Matook and Catherine C. Henkeles, $378,000

93 Hart St. Irving Robert M. Est and Robin L. Demerritt to Stuart K. Irving and Deborah A. Irving, $360,000


2 Ash St. Lisa A. Mastromatteo and Lisa A. Mammone to Ronald C. Clarizia, $305,000

4 Eisenhower Ave. John W. Firth to Glen H. Johnstone and Tracey Armstrong, $290,000

16 Sylvester Ave. FNMA to Suzanne Mccarthy, $183,900


2 Sugden Lane Deer Creek Dev LLC to James Kostka and Jennifer Kostka, $534,000

2 Helen Way Paul Wilson and Basia Pojasek to Mark T. Hogan and Lindsay A. Hogan, $453,000

55 Boston Rd. James E. Scarth and Consuelo C. Scarth to Christine Schnaidt, $415,000

9 S Row St. Lewis M. Clark to Jarrod C. Brothers, $266,000


3 Bradford Rd. Wesreg NT and Kevin W. Duchak to John Caruso and Patricia Caruso, $500,000

17 Grandview Rd. Robert F. Plourde and Gail M. Plourde to Robert A. Sorrentino and Joanne T. Sorrentino, $365,000

196 Locust St. Karyn F. Walsh to Ann M. Fitzgerald, $350,000

307 Maple St.
Erin M. Obrien to Richard J. Palmaccio RET and Richard J. Palmaccio, $196,000


51 Rocky Neck Ave. Studio Lounge&Deck Inc to Dennis A. Dyer, $1,400,000

76 High St. Suzanne C. Delrosario and John C. Delrosario to Emily A. Chandler and Andrew R. Sargent, $353,000

8 Forest St. Maria Millefoglie and Melissa Millefoglie to Philip Millefoglie, $135,000

650 Western Ave. Anthony Aresco to Evelyn Young, $25,000


38 Center St. Georgina V. Wormald to Scott E. Egan and Jill Peabody, $420,000


19 Eastland Ter Ann J. Campbell to Eric Anderson and Donna T. Anderson, $352,500

342 Kenoza Ave. Cheryl Daley and Barbara Ward to Edgar M. Caceres and Sandra Gabin, $249,900

25 Pine St. Glenn A. Gifford and Margaret A. Gifford to Pine RT and Marcy L. Boucher, $245,000

22 Douglas St. Douglas Street LLC to John J. Jarvis, $241,100

25 Lucas Drive Rex D. Cozzens and Moon H. Cozzens to Scott P. House and Amanda B. House, $220,000


430 Groveland St. First Atlantic Props LLC to Arthur H. Elder, $220,000

66 Brickett Hill Circle Floyd Obrien to Sally Loffredo, $180,000

6 Summit Ave. Belfiore RT and Lynne Belfiore to Christopher J. Gagnepain and Mana M. Oviedo, $50,000


19 Skytop Rd. Peter M. Tisevich to Walter J. Borkowski, $470,000

68 River Point Drive #21 Ipswich Pines LLC to Anthony M. Scola and C. L. Scola, $410,130

114 Linebrook Rd. 114 Linebrook Road T. and Robert J. Provost to Charles K. Cogan, $280,000

17 Liberty St. Roger W. Washburn and Ann S. Washburn to Karen Rosell, $228,000

35 County St. #4 Matthew V. Nixon and Karrin A. Nixon to Allyson Boyington, $190,000

400 Colonial Drive #17 Haagensen FT and Phyllis E. Haagensen to David G. Irvine and Elaine M. Irvine, $163,000


401 Haverhill St. Margaret M. Eiro and Bertino M. Eiro to Davis A. Bonilla, $170,000


3 Vernon St. Ann C. Dibona and Mary E. Plouffe to Stephen Addison and Amy Addison, $187,900

38 Farmland Rd. #B Kelley J. Dolliver to Ryan P. Devaney and Catalina Devaney, $163,000


385 Summer St. Cunningham Helen E. Est and Jill E. Brennan to Peter D. Andrea and Allison D. Andrea, $700,000

5 Anthony Ave. Wojtek M. Migdalski and Kessel E. Migdalski to Christopher A. Reed and Kate L. Reed, $612,500


4 Sargent Rd. 4 Sargent Road RT and Francis U. Paige to David E. Robbins and Wendy E. Tamis, $1,600,000

11 Glover Sq General Glover RT and Patricia G. Lausier to Frederick P. Callori and Jacqueliner R. Callori, $1,300,000

8 Gregory St. RFS NT and Richard F. Moore to John F. Rogers and Noreen C. Rogers, $891,000

24 Ridge Rd. Kathryn J. Whipple to Gregory Rick and Janet Mcdonad, $605,000

57 Pitman Rd. Janet M. Mcdonald and Janet M. Panagakis to Charles Bray and Denise Bray, $420,000

28 Waterside Rd. Frederica A. Preston to Benjamin M. Siragusa and Kimberly M. Siragusa, $370,000

8 High St. #2 Thomas Souders to Christopher H. Graham and Cheri Grahpin, $245,000


13 Harriman Rd. Jean F. Wallace and John R. Keegan to Alexis D. Lecolst and Richard M. Lecolst, $325,000

22 Grove St. #C Brian J. Webster and Tracey A. Webster to Jason W. Pechilis and William Pechilis, $155,000


5 Hartshorne Way Toll Ma Land LP to Shawn X. Yang and Katherine T. Yang, $526,521

3 Hartshorne Way Toll Ma Land LP to Lusheng Xu and Shaohua Yuan, $477,933

78 Cross St. Georgios Ntefeloudis and Kristalenia Ntefeloudis to Patricia Ngaruiya, $369,900

4 Garfield St. Sally Loffredo and James Loffredo to Matthew D. Gramolini, $315,000

1 Fitzgerald Way JMA RT and William D. Fitzgerald to Joshua R. Fitzgerald, $275,000

83 Derry Rd. Catherine M. Calder to Arleigh B. Greene, $270,000

4 Heather Drive
Randy Boisse and Gina Boisse to Mark Argenziano, $265,000

155 Byron Ave. Roger J. Ratte and Rita E. Ratte to William Bean, $236,000

64 Berwick St. Philip D. Volonino and Lorraine K. Decosta to Sean Dubois, $204,250

6 Edgar St. Kathleen Clemmer to Cole E. Hartung, $200,000

1 Riverview Blvd #9-201 Charles W. Riley to Philomena F. Pezzella, $174,000

35 Oakhill Drive FHLM to Maridalia Mendez, $170,000

97 Pilgrim Circle
Laverdure Plourde FT and N. Laverdure-Plourde to Michael J. Labrecque, $144,000

26 Adelaide Ave. FHLM to Manuel Torres, $94,900


34 Maytum Way Russell A. Johnson and G. S. Johnson to Gail S. Clemenzi, $386,000

93 S Main St. Linda A. Guttrich to Frank B. W. Brown NT and Frank B. Brown, $200,000


8 Fenno Way Matthew Oneil and Joanna Oneil to Stephen A. Chislak and Nancy R. Chislak, $390,000


7 S Pond St. STRI Props LLC to Gail B. Fayre and Judith W. Fayre, $485,000

8 51st St. US Bank NA to Donna J. Chasnoff, $252,064


82 Middle St. Daniel J. Herlihy and Mary R. Herlihy to Douglas R. Seymour and Barbara W. Seymour, $1,000,000

28 Warren St. Warren Street RT and George Haseltine to Kevin Lewis, $532,000

13 Richardson Path Springwell Invests LLC to Matthew W. Harris, $475,650

1 Greenleaf St. 15 Greenleaf Street T. and Donna M. Kramich to Andrew G. Simpson, $340,000

6 Woodman Way #415 Arthur M. Evans and Mary E. Evans to Samuel Spalding and Barbara Spalding, $246,000

47 Bromfield St. #A Gerda S. Prato and Newburyport Five Cents SB to Katherine Victor, $240,000


109 Blue Ridge Rd. Mark J. Hufziger and Karen J. Hufziger to William Holland and Michelle Holland, $805,000

305 Boston St. Kings Noak Props LLC to N&N Oza FT and Nishit S. Oza, $652,000

83 Lost Pond Lane Madden RT and Daniel T. Madden to Neil Hegarty and Melissa Hegarty, $530,000

261 Waverley Rd. Joanne B. Gibbons and Robert J. Gibbons to Dwight B. Feeney and Ashley L. Hogan, $312,000

177 High St. High Street RT and Richard K. Mallen to Andrew P. Giard and Renee E. Ippolito, $252,000

29 Elmwood St. Frank L. Silva and Ann J. Silva to John Thompson and Sara R. Thompson, $234,000

190 Chickering Rd. #108D Rachel A. Schroeder and Rachel Byars to Ricardo D. Rivera, $214,000


4 America Drive Thomas J. Difilipo and Nancy A. Difilipo to Matthew J. Silva and Jessica L. Silva, $490,000

14 Stockton Rd. Matthew J. Silva and Jessica L. Silva to Jason Stracqualursi and Michelle Sttacqualursi, $392,500

6 Antrim Rd. Mark Bettencourt and Lauren Bettencourt to John L. Ciardi, $358,000

15 Baldwin St. Maureen Flynn to Andrew C. Fenn and Maria P. Fenn, $320,000

23 Griffin Rd. George J. Mello and Susan M. Mello to James R. Dunn and Amanda M. Dunn, $278,000

20 Wiseman Drive Michael F. Mayr to Russell S. Lewis and Rachel B. Lewis, $260,000

21 Longview Way John F. Wilson and Dianne M. Brennan to Rena K. Carr, $227,000

84 Aborn St. #2202 Amy Mitchell to Michael F. Papa, $170,000


4 Briarstone Rd. Christina G. Salgo to H. V. Aposhian and Christine M. Aposhian, $735,000

20 Atlantic Ave. C L. Corliss-Rourke and John J. Rourke to Jon P. Cunningham and Dawn B. Cunningham, $725,000

142 Main St. PSDS LLC to Danette J. Rutledge, $600,000


248 Wethersfield St. Scott W. Seal and Mary E. Seal to Peter L. Rae and Denise M. Rae, $428,500

15 Lawrence Rd. #26 Ian P. Kavanagh to Raymond M. Como and Virginia L. Como, $99,500

870 Haverhill St. #1 Cary T. Roles to Shuang Yong Xu and Qiuqin Wu, $67,200


21 Amanda Way Osborne Hills RT and Paul Dibiase to Jasdip K. Gahunia and Ranjeet Gahunia, $466,400

20 Beckford St. Adam J. Schutz and Brenda E. Schutz to Paul Bunker and Kirstin Bunker, $430,000

96 Washington Sq #2 Marguerite A. Frank-Peper to Richard A. Mcmullen and Rosemari K. Mcmullen, $350,000

17 Indian Hill Lane Rosemary E. Folino to Mario Gaito, $285,000

9 Sylvan St. Domenico Ferragamo and Gregorio Procopio to David S. Elgart, $218,000

16 Bradford St. 16 Bradford Street RT and John A. Broderick to Christopher Watkins and Amanda Watkins, $217,000

330 Jefferson Ave. Lucille Samson to Gary Nadeau, $210,000

8 Hibernia Lane Maureen E. Odea and Suzanne M. Odea to Judith G. Schwenk, $209,000

17 Gardner St. #1 Matthew K. Rohnke to Edward J. Sheehan and Randolf Correa, $159,000

9 Glover St. #1 Jasmin I. Yannopoulis to James J. Smith and Heather R. Obrien, $125,000

23 Eden St. #1 Therese L. Kay to Kayla Raymond, $89,000


10 Partridge Lane #D Brenda A. Mcdonald to Caitlin K. Wakefield, $250,000

23 Jak Len Drive Gerard A. Burd and Carola V. Burd to Trevor Miller, $222,921


11 Bond St. Elizabeth A. Walker to Michael Kelleher, $358,500

15 Thomas Rd. Robert J. Coletti and Erika K. Coletti to Mark A. Routzohn and Erin N. Gooding, $319,000

1008 Paradise Rd. #1J Diane A. Salvucci to Aleksandr Volodin, $176,000

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