Mitt Romney having trouble eluding camera lens as he returns to private life

Mitt Romney is trying to transition back to private life, but he keeps popping up on the Internet.

TMZ has paparazzi-style shots today of the former Republican presidential candidate and his wife, Ann, walking back to a gleaming Audi Q7 after a workout.

Overnight, a person identified only as “mkb95’’ posted on Reddit a photo of Romney pumping gas into a vehicle.

And over the weekend, TMZ also reported that the Romneys caught the latest Twilight movie at a theater in Del Mar, Calif., near their vacation home in La Jolla, Calif. The couple then went across the street for pizza.


Ann Romney especially likes their West Coast home, near horses she rides as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis.

She has also complained to reporters about the inevitable weight gain that comes with a political campaign, and worked hard after her husband’s 2008 race to get back into shape.

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