Real estate home sales/North


9 Christian Way Patch Prop Holdings LLC to Keith Wilcoxen and Annie Wilcoxen, $788,386

12 Bowdoin Rd. Stephen L. Bessette and Barbara W. Bessette to David R. Lamattina, $433,000

30 Lowell St. Scott A. Misage and Patricia E. Kennedy to Michael J. Coyne and Erin Coyne, $375,000

19 Westwind Rd. Bruce D. Brown and Margaret M. Brown to Adair L. Carty, $317,000

1000 Spring Valley Drive #F Brian P. Coffin to Xiaoxin Yu and Ling Chen, $187,000


311 Concord Rd. Omni Ventures Billerica to 210 Treble Cove LLC, $3,150,000

46 Chatham Rd. John A. Succo and Kim T. Succo to Stephen J. Mcgarry and Stacy D. Mcgarry, $470,000

73 Bicknell Rd. Eugene J. Smith and Kathleen Z. Smith to Kelly A. Moore and Dana Cardello, $325,000


20 Glenside Ave. Sara J. Bester and James Bester to Biniam Tekeste, $300,000

3 Elizabeth Rd. Carol A. Capone to Michael E. Collins, $288,000


29 Rocky Hill Rd. Barbara M. Strachan to Nagappan Periakaruppan and Vallikkann Ramashanmugam, $457,000

235 Fox Hill Rd. Joan M. Burgomaster to William W. Panagiotis and Kristin M. Panagiotis, $450,000

14 James St. Mark Rappaport and Kathleen-Ann Rappaport to Omar A. Corona and Candice J. Murphy, $395,000

235 Cambridge St. #207 Burlington Heights LLC to Joseph E. Mirra and Veronica F. Mirra, $359,900

7 Daniel Drive Romano Rosa M. Est and Kevin W. Murphy to Bryan S. Rautenberg and Brenna A. Kilgore, $341,000

11 Margaret St. Joseph Sceppa and Carole A. Sceppa to David J. Stanlake, $290,000

6 Hallmark Gdns #1 Eric G. Fairweather and Kathleen M. Fairweather to Hetal B. Shah and Bhavesh B. Shah, $202,000


120 Commandants Way Judit Simpson to Patrick K. Davenport and Joan E. Davenport, $405,000

100 Commandants Way #307 Safer Alexander Est and Patricia A. Parent to Johseph Mcdonald and Phyllis Smith, $170,000

44 Lafayette Ave. #303 Michael Zindell to John T. Dunn, $116,000


19 Bayview Ter Lauren A. Sideri to Lindsay Sugar and Ryan D. Sugar, $285,000


40 Cabot St. James W. Fountain and Patricia K. Fountain to Nicholas D. Stevens, $385,000

114 Nichols St. Rubin N. Lemus and Reina V. Pineda to Carlos A. Santos and Emilia F. Diniz, $340,000


20 Pleasant St. Diane F. Hogan to Emerson Kasper and Claudia Kasper, $320,000

9 Vernal St. HSBC Bank USA NA to Marcio Dejesus, $217,299

55 Union St. 55-57 Union Street RT and Baldassaro N. Amico to Uri Ben-Yashar, $165,000

38 Carter St. #315 Daniel W. Oconnell to William Connolly and Claire Lane, $160,000


1245 Main St. William C. Thompson LT and William A. Thompson to Joan Caggiano, $325,000


65 Las Casas St. William J. Watson to Yong G. Zhu and Xiu X. Zheng, $435,000

51 Willard St. Janice Parady to Julienise Moise and Elta Louis, $328,000

146 Clifton St. #11 Jason L. West and Joana M. Dirna-west to Rachel M. Levinson, $185,000

10 Linwood St. #402 David Stanlake to David S. Spinella, $134,750


69 Marion Rd. Bryan Drum and Karen Drum to Rafe J. Hershfield and Amy R. Hershfield, $485,000

16 Overlook Rd. Henry L. Peabody and Beth K. Peabody to Joseph S. Ritter and Ann B. Ritter, $427,500

20 Evans Rd. Adam S. Moore and Jesica B. Moore to Lauren R. Bane, $370,000

3 Front St. 3 Front Street RT and Elise Butler to Suzanne R. Fin, $235,000


45 Yale St. Angelina Farinello and Joseph H. Farinello to Justin D. Leider, $510,000

50 Lincoln St.
Larry C. Bienapfl LT and Larry C. Bienapfl to Smruti Dave, $469,300

8 9th St. #514 Anne Y. Woo and Michael S. Woo to Christopher D. Rizza, $302,500

7 Rock Glen Rd. Clifford L. Mann T. and Clifford L. Mann to Katie Mccue, $285,500

616 Boston Ave. #4D Elizabeth T. Goldmann to Peter M. Ricker and Earla J. Ricker, $282,000

50 Water St. #77 FLMA to Tahamina Y. Begum, $145,000


42 Lake Ave. Waka Barbara A. Est and F. N. Waka to Melissa M. Dalelio and Michael P. Cirino, $484,000


59 Derby Rd. Donald S. Follett and Linda M. Follett to Christopher Thullen and Victoria Thullen, $480,000

50 Brunswick Park Robert C. Landry and Theresa L. Landry to William E. Trudeau and Kassandra J. Merrill, $381,000

46 Windsor St. Paula J. Zoukhri to Caroline Colozzi, $379,000

3 Cass St. Thomas E. Leslie and Martha S. Leslie to John B. Maney, $255,000


11 Hemlock Rd. Anthony Marciano and Phyllis Marciano to Kevin D. Sharp, $525,000

12 Flint St. Brett J. Maloney to Douglas F. Howell and Lindsay K. Howell, $400,000

12 Eugley Park W Lu-ann Pozzi and Christopher G. Pozzi to Antonio Fosco and Brenda M. Fosco, $348,000

7 Elvira Rd. FLMA to Lucio Pettina and Blair Albright, $290,000

3 Greenbriar Drive #108 Robert W. Hinch to Richard A. Casiello, $109,000


19 Warren St. Robert E. Burkett to Ramon A. Vargas, $385,000

2 Hill St. Anne M. Oconnor to Kevin Bloom and Mary B. Bloom, $369,000

13 Coolidge Rd. Frederick V. Bangs and Roxane Y. Bangs to John G. Odonnell, $330,000

29 Ellsworth Rd. Karin Gitto-harring to Paulina Krzeminska, $305,000

12 Juniper Rd.
Leslie A. Popper to Anthony Aresco, $286,500

3 Ledgewood Way #14 Robert A. Rollins and Marjorie F. Rollins to Ralph Negri and Marguerite Negri, $206,000


19 Fox Run Lane 19 Fux Run Lane RT and Edward Costa to Christopher M. Lewis and Tarajean Lewis, $565,000

83 Prescott St. Catherine H. Symonds to Alison G. Lemaitre and Joshua D. Lemaitre, $530,000

33 Buckingham Drive Stephen M. Melesciue and Kathryn E. Melesciue to Dennis Comacho and Catherine F. Comacho, $482,000

101 Hanscom Ave. Tarajean Lewis and Christopher M. Lewis to Rebecca E. Lane, $426,250

36 Tennyson Rd. Keith Laurel H. Est and Jeffrey A. Keith to Carla J. Andrade, $365,000

9 Abigail Way #1006 Pulte Homes New Eng LLC to Barbara E. Mullen, $156,200


55 Orvis Rd. Craig Neil and Wendy Neil to Dennis Baltodamo, $439,900

55 Johnny Rd. Frank J. Sellaro to Lauragale Damico, $289,900

134 Winthrop Pkwy Lucy Grimaldi to Joseph J. Grimaldi, $262,700

244 Proctor Ave. #244 Gerald Liserre and Carol A. Liserre to Gina Rosa, $257,000

174 Proctor Ave. Gloria Velasquez to Oscar Agudelo, $240,000

1012 N Shore Rd. Miguel D. Paulino to Brahim Laghlam, $205,000

350 Revere Beach Blvd #11F FHLM to Duane D. Smith, $164,900

145 Bennington St. #206 Paul Pisani to Fazilet Atli-Harbiyeci, $160,000


5 Rand Rd. 5 Rand Road RT and Robert S. Mielcarz to Athan Galanis and Dorothy C. Galanis, $372,500

5 Summit St. George F. Fallon to Douglas Little, $332,655

35 Washington Sq #3 Kathleen A. Osullivan to Brian Mcalpine and Jennifer Mcalpine, $300,000

11 Janus Lane
Gail B. Mini to Judith E. Kirwin, $253,000

80 Freedom Holw #80 Joseph A. Lavoie to Constance A. Parish, $220,000

6 Charles St. #1 Anneke Chang to Adam J. Williams and Amy B. Williams, $211,900

126 Federal St. #2 FNMA to Patricia Medina-Pat, $195,000

8 Russell Drive #C Nicolina Reisman to Melissa Felix, $193,200

15 1st St. #D2 Metro CU to Galiya Sagitova and Felix Fidler, $184,000

3 Essex St. #2 Jessvin M. Thomas and Brooke Thomas to Andrew Hadden, $180,000

55 Ocean Ave. #1 Michelle Morin and Debra R. Morin to Corinto R. Cevallos and Kristen L. Almquist, $178,000


28 Hilltop Ave. Twin Springs LP Ests to Surinder Saini, $579,000

9 Thistle Rd. Robert Cardalisco and Maureen E. Cardalisco to Whittemore Farris FT and D. Whittemore-Farris, $463,500

64 Halstead St. Option One Mtg Loan T. and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Victoria Ortiz and Jose Ortiz, $300,000

49 Walnut St. Lauretta A. Upton to Sheree L. Atkinson, $285,000

131 Forest St. #E9 Freni FT and Marilyn D. Ziolowski to Ronald P. Visconti and Patricia Visconti, $210,000

413 Central St. FLMA to Michael Maniscalco and Dawn Maniscalco, $179,900

28 Oak Point Rd. USA HUD to Jay T. Vu and Eva B. Bui, $125,000


20 Hall Ave. Frank Rocci and Nicole Rocci to Gabriel Torres and Christa Torres, $818,000

35 Josephine Ave. Joyce A. Morrison to Nathan D. Faber and Elizabeth C. Faber, $630,000

21 Vinal Ave. Christopher J. Gregan and Karen M. Gregan to Luke W. Miratrix and Mary P. Miratrix, $624,500

65 Fairfax St. ND Dev LLC to Alexander Jones and Lauren Oneill, $375,000

34 Victoria St. #3 Jason Mcdonough-Hughes and Anne Mcdonough-Hughes to Raymond D. Burt and Kimberly A. Summer, $370,000

1 Hayden Ter 1 Hayden Terrace T. and James P. Douglas to Meriden Darcy, $339,900

26 Weston Ave. 26 Weston Ave Devco LLC to Martha Kelehan and Patrick Johnson, $277,000

80 Webster Ave. #1E Jonathan A. Bedard to Jake Joo and Janet Cheong, $255,000


7 Pine St. VC Detailes Props LLC to Jason P. Guarino and Diana Guarino, $275,000

27 Waverly St. Waite Stanton B. Est and Kenneth H. Waite to David M. Chuha, $227,500


380 Humphrey St. Fred Massa and Patricica Massa to Joel Livingston and Deborah Livingston, $600,000

32 Beach Bluff Ave. Arnold S. Baer and Marilyn Baer to Jay E. Carroll and Patricia M. Carroll, $435,000

3 Hampden St. Jean M. Mohan to Kallol Talukdar, $336,500

129 Essex St. Samuel Epstein and Linda Estein to Bruce E. Paradise and Barry Turkanis, $250,000

402 Paradise Rd. #2Q Sidney Sontz and Cynthia Sontz to Michael Kopel and Theresa Martin, $210,000


127 Mclaren Rd. William Neary to Judy M. Mccolleen and Michael J. Mccolleen, $400,000

1023 Chandler St. Carl R. Krueger and Mary B. Krueger to Paul J. Bellino and Cynthia E. Bellino, $387,500

24 Helvetia St. Kelly A. Cracchiolo to Richard Belmonte and Kelly Leavitt, $300,000

380 Pleasant St. FHLM to Ryan C. Helmer and Stephanie Strazzere, $273,000

7 Villa Roma Drive
Paul J. Bellino and Cynthia E. Bellino to Michael R. Weis and Blair E. Wies, $223,000

69 Maple Rd. Jonathan R. Norman and Marielouise Norman to Cheryl A. Black, $205,000

18 Dirlam Circle NSP Residential LLC to Stephen A. Edeman and Lindsay A. Edeman, $204,000


2 Strout Ave. Richard L. Koehler and Julia B. Koehler to Sarah R. White, $275,000

8 Bond St. Scott Cuthbert and Misty Cuthbert to James A. Newhouse, $160,000


83 Church St. #13 Wyman School T. and William P. Hood to Alfred B. Fichera and Deborah S. Fichera, $755,000

35 Rumford Ave. Elm Tree T. and Robert W. Murray to Patrick Leblanc and Nereida Q. Baez, $694,290

32 Grove Place Eid Alsabbagh to Krista Wilcox, $450,000

18 Hemingway St. Karen Nipps to Jacques Akelian and Kristen D. Akelian, $322,500

955 Main St. #G7 Richard Norberg to Obrien NT and Donna M. Obrien, $60,000


24 Ocean Ave. Pedro L. Fontes and Elina Fontes to Denise R. Ferguson, $449,000

151 Cottage Park Rd. Andrea E. Landry to Kimberly B. Ressler, $349,000

51 Pebble Ave. #51 Susan Hooper and Geoffrey Bond to Ruan W. Petti and Erinm Petti, $293,000

32 Crystal Cove Ave. #2 Kevin F. Mcnelly to Norman A. Desfosses and Mary B. Desfosses, $237,250

15 Cross St. #1 Ann M. York to Brian J. Odonnell, $185,000

68 Beach Rd. FHLM to Lawrence Holmes, $141,000


9 Sunset Ave. #5+6 Sunwood Realty LLC to Shipa Pandit, $440,000

14 Ledgewood Rd. Curran Joseph F. Est and Kenneth Curran to Shawn Riley and Linda Riley, $430,000

121 Salem St. Richard J. Scalesse and Nancy A. Scalesse to Alp Ermis, $359,000

34 Buckman St. Buck RT and Kimberly Shooter to Harry E. Johnston, $330,900

6 Sherman Place Court Christopher M. Carlson and Amy J. Carlson to Bernadette Groves-Wright, $315,000

24 Sherman Place Francescon Loretta M. Est and Madeline Ferlisi to Tyler K. Medley and Isadora H. Dunne, $279,500

52 Elm St. Oreste Aniello and Carmen Aniello to Kevin M. Cerqueira, $268,000

29 Porter St. Sonia A. Hanson to David Gera and Mark Gera, $159,000

74 Beach St. #5-5 Thomas F. Gollock and Constance M. Gollock to Clyde Cortright, $129,000

Kensington Ave. Woburn City Of to Anchor RT and Peter Spinazola, $2,600

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