‘Edge of America’ starring Globe’s Geoff Edgers to start Jan. 22

In a recent 2-part series for the Globe, arts reporter Geoff Edgers explored the anxieties inside the world of a classical music quartet. On Jan. 22, he’ll be castrating a bull on TV.

In his first episode as the host of a new half-hour TV series called “Edge of America,’’ which the Travel Channel announced Tuesday will debut on Jan. 22, at 9 p.m., Edgers castrates a bull on camera and then samples a calf testicle at the annual Calf Fry Festival in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Edgers will continue with his Globe job while also hosting the show.

The Travel Channel has 13 episodes planned for now, including sending Edgers to learn how to catch a rattlesnake (and then, for kicks, to eat its still-beating heart), to race a lobster boat, to joust on a bicycle, and to race around a dirt track in a century-old Model T.


“As a journalist, Geoff Edgers is a curious storyteller,’’ Travel Channel’s Andy Singer said. “He’s also crazy and up for anything, which makes him the ideal host to help introduce our viewers to these surprising pursuits – and some you just may want to try.’’

Hear that? For all of you eager to sample some calf testicles, here’s your chance.

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