Quincy man killed in Roxbury double shooting remembered in vigil

QUINCY — More than 100 supporters gathered outside in Quincy Saturday night holding candles, balloons, and signs to mourn the loss of 21-year-old Victor Otoadese, a victim in a double shooting in Roxbury last Wednesday.

Otoadese’s mother, Jacqueline Mikell, 51, was walked by family and friends from her home at 144 Taffrail Rd. to the vigil held at the basketball courts across the street.

“I would have never though in a million years that this would be my turn,’’ she yelled from her seat in the middle of the circled crowd. “I never thought I’d be the mother. And I’m angry.’’


“My son was a peacemaker. This violence has to stop,’’ said Mikell.

Around 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Otoadese and another man were shot at Longmeadow and Batchelder streets in Roxbury, police said. Boston police are investigating the incident and urge anyone with information to call the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 617-343-4470.

Attendees at the vigil spoke, sang, and prayed for Otoadese as well as the other man wounded in the shooting Wednesday, whom they referred to only as “Sean.’’

A spokeswoman for Boston police, who have not released the identify of the second victim, said the second victim was on life support in grave condition at Boston Medical Center Saturday night.

“I don’t want another to feel what I’m feeling and what Sean’s mother is feeling,’’ said Mikell.

Friends recalled moments and stories as the flames from dozens of candles illuminated morose faces. The crowd embraced one another as some wept. Others sang along with “Amazing Grace’’ and joined in prayer.

A sign was held high for all to see that read “Stop the violence. Always remembered. Rest in peace.’’ Family and friends continually urged others not to retaliate to the fatal shooting.

“They didn’t take my son. They took his flesh,’’ said Mikell. “His soul is here. Victor is here with you.’’


“Victor was all about peace,’’ said his younger sister Obehi Otoadese, 14. “He just wanted everybody to be happy. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.’’

As the gathering came to an end, about a dozen balloons were released into the air. They floated out over the water and out of sight as supporters said goodbye to Otoadese.

“What did Victor stand for?’’ Mikell asked the crowd.

The vigil responded as one. “Peace’’