Matt Damon is Mr. Manners on ‘Today’

Actor Matt Damon was on the “Today’’ show Tuesday to promote his new movie, “Promised Land,’’ but the actor hung around to help with the “Social Q’s’’ segment. One of the questions was from a viewer concerned about his girlfriend’s hygiene. “When she cooks, she tosses the salad with her hands without washing them and tastes everything with her fingers,’’ the question read. “It makes me feel a little sick. Can I fix this?’’ Damon smirked. “That’s not what they told me about tossing salad,’’ he replied, laughing. He agreed people should wash their hands, “but the tasting food with the fingers — the guy presumably is kissing his girlfriend, I don’t see the big deal there. . . . If it’s not OK, then you might want to reexamine the relationship.’’


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