“Seinfeld’’ nips “Honeymooners’’ as funniest sitcom ever, in survey

Jerry beats Jackie.

In a survey of Americans on the greatest sitcom in TV history, done by “Vanity Fair’’ and “60 Minutes,’’ Jerry Seinfeld’s “Seinfeld’’ beat Jackie Gleason’s “The Honeymooners.’’


Well, maybe you’ll like the others that round out the top ones: “Friends,’’ “Cheers,’’ a surprise appearance by “Arrested Development,’’ followed by “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,’’ and “30 Rock.’’

Okay, let the arguing begin. What shows did the voters forget?

As for the survey, it asked a few other odd questions.

Who’s funnier, men or women? Answer: Men, by a lot.

What subjects should comedians never touch? Sexual assault (no surprise) topped the list.


Oh, and what is the funniest letter of the alphabet? Q. Naturally. Poor Z.

What was the purpose or reason for all these inane questions to 1,132 random adults nationwide, you ask? Well, the guest editor of Vanity Fair’s January issue is Judd Apatow (no doubt timed to the release of his newest movie, “This is 40.’’ On his way to the bank, Apatow should remember that, according to this survey, just 14 percent of Americans actually know who he is, and that he was thought to be a Clinton speechwriter, a “South Park’’ creator, or a country music star.’’ Enjoy it while it lasts, dude.

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