Mummenschanz for your Wednesday lunch hour

If you work in the city, you could spend your lunch Wednesday at your desk. Or you could spend it with “Giant Hands’’ and a seven-foot tall yellow “Slinky Creature’’ when Mummenschanz serves an appetizer of their 40th anniversary show. Known for its creative use of ordinary stuff like boxes and fabric, members of the Swiss visual theater troupe will razzle dazzle you from noon-1 p.m. in the Quincy Market Building lower rotunda.

And if you’re hooked, purchase tickets so you can enjoy the whole meal at the Citi Shubert Theatre starting Wednesday and going through Sunday (recommended for ages 6 and older). Also, Wednesday’s 7:30 performance is a Globe Insiders event followed by a Q&A with the performers and moderated by Globe arts editor, Rebecca Ostriker.


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