How d’ya like them apples? “Good Will Hunting’’ celebrates 15th anniversary

Fifteen years, really?

It was 1997 when Matt Damon, then just 27, Ben Affleck, then 25, and their Boston accents became household words, and the above scene was etched in our collective psyches, with the release of their Oscar-winning movie “Good Will Hunting.’’ You can read The Globe’s original review here. Damon played Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT who could find his way around any math concept but had trouble navigating life. Robin Williams played Hunting’s psychologist, Sean Maguire. Ben Affleck was Damon’s buddy, Chuckie Sullivan; Minnie Driver played Skylar.

Damon and director Gus Van Sant talked about the film at a party this week for their soon-to-be-released film “Promised Land.’’ Damon commented about the film’s impact on him and Affleck: “Everything changed for us within the course of two months, everything was different.’’


Today they are two of Hollywood’s biggest players and Affleck is considered a leading contender for a Best Director Oscar for “Argo.’’

Here’s a stroll down memory lane with some of the great dialogue from “Good Will Hunting’’:

Sean: Maybe you’re perfect right now. Maybe you don’t wanna ruin that. I think that’s a super philosophy, Will; that way you can go through your entire life without ever having to really know anybody…

Will: …You ever think about gettin’ remarried?

Sean: My wife’s dead.

Will: Hence the word: remarried.

Sean: She’s dead.

Will: Yeah; well, I think that’s a super philosophy, Sean. I mean, that way you could actually go through the rest of your life without ever really knowing anybody.

Sean: Time’s up.

Affleck and Damon remain as close as ever today, and are partnering again on a huge project, the making of a Whitey Bulger movie.

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