Dennis Lehane’s dog still not found

It’s looking more and more like Dennis Lehane’s dog is “Gone, Baby, Gone.’’ The bestselling author, who’s offered to name a character in his next book after whoever finds his family’s beloved beagle, says the dog is still MIA. “Thanks, everyone, for all you’ve been doing for Tessa and all your outpouring of sympathy and empathy,’’ Lehane, who lives in Brookline, wrote on his Facebook page. “It’s kept us feeling up whenever we start thinking down. She’s still out there somewhere, and we’re still hoping for the best.’’ There was a report of a dead animal on the Mass. Pike, but it turned out to be a raccoon, not a dog. Lehane told us that Tessa, who went missing on Christmas Eve, had been with the family for a relatively short period of time — several weeks — and so doesn’t yet know her way around the neighborhood. “If all you locals can keep your eyes out for her and everyone else keep sending the positive thoughts, we’ll remain ever grateful and deeply touched,’’ he wrote on Facebook. “Again, thanks so much.’’ . . . Lehane wasn’t the only one looking for a lost dog Friday. Blue Ginger chef Ming Tsai took to Twitter after his mini Labradoodle, Buddy, bolted from his dogwalker while strolling with a few other dogs at Elm Bank in Natick. “I have 16,000 followers,’’ said Tsai. “Maybe one of them lives in Natick and will see Buddy.’’ A few hours later, the 3-year-old pup with blonde curly hair came bounding out of the darkness. “Must have been hungry and knew we had leftover Garlic-Salt Crusted Prime Rib from Xmas,’’ Tsai said in an e-mail. “Buddy will eat well tonight!’’

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