Mass. lawmakers, constitutional officers face 1.8 percent pay cut

Massachusetts lawmakers and constitutional officers will start the new legislative session with a pay cut — an automatic reduction triggered by a dip in median household income over the past two years, according to the state Executive Office of Administration and Finance.

The members of the House and Senate will see a 1.8 percent drop in pay, as will the governor and lieutenant governor, treasurer, auditor and secretary of state.

The pay cut will reduce the average legislator’s pay about $1,100 to $60,032, effective Jan. 1, said treasury spokesman Jon Carlisle. Many legislators also receive stipends of $7,500 to serve committee chairmen or more for leadership positions.


The pay cuts are being triggered by a decline in median household income and were set by Governor Deval Patrick in a letter to the treasurer Wednesday. A 1998 constitutional amendment tied politicians’ income to that of their constituents.

The adjustment comes just after the leaders of the House and Senate had authorized pay raises of 3 percent for members of their staff.

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