Milford father, son face weapons charges after gun is allegedly found in home near children

A Milford father and son are facing charges after police responded to a domestic dispute call at the father’s house and allegedly found an unsecured handgun in a room next door to two small children.

Charles F. Nadeau, 58, and his son Jason M. Nadeau, 28, will be summonsed to court on charges that include improper storage of guns and possession of high-capacity clips, police said.

The incident happened on New Year’s Eve at Charles Nadeau’s home on Green Street.

Police responded to a call from a woman who said Nadeau was holding a handgun to his chest, Milford Police Lieutenant James Falvey said.


Falvey described the scene inside as “very tense.’’ He said that when officers found Nadeau, he did not have a gun, but he refused to show his hands and officers had to “physically secure him.’’

Officers searching the house found a loaded 9mm pistol in a closet in a room next to a room where a one- and three-year-old child were sitting, Milford Police Lieutenant James Falvey said.

While officers were still inside the house, Jason Nadeau pulled into the driveway. The son told officers the handgun belonged to him and that it should have been secured in a safe.

In addition to two legally registered guns, officers allegedly found a metal baton usually carried by law enforcement officers and high-capacity clips in the Jason Nadeau’s car. He faces charges stemming both from possession of the baton and the clips. State law bans possession of clips that contain more than 10 rounds, Falvey said.

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