iRobot rolls out new machines

Bedford-based iRobot Corp. is diving into the deep end, with a new machine that automatically cleans swimming pools.

Among the new products being introduced by the robot-maker is a submersible named The Mirra 530, priced at $1,299, that automatically calculates the size and shape of a pool, then scour its floor and sides to remove algae and bacteria.

“You just plug it in the wall and drop it in the pool,’’ said Gerry Caron, iRobot’s senior director of product management. The Mirra also filters 70 gallons of water per minute, reducing the need to run the pool’s own filtration system. The new robot will be the third in iRobot’s line of pool-cleaning machines.


iRobot also announced a major upgrade to its Looj, a robot designed to clean leaves and other debris from a building’s rain gutters. The Looj 330, priced at $299.99, features a new design that will enable it to fit inside smaller, narrower gutters. The Looj features caterpillar treads that drive the device through the gutter, and a rotating auger and brush that sweeps away the debris. A homeowner uses a radio remote control to operate the robot. “It makes things very safe, very easy, very convenient,’’ said Caron.

iRobot will show off both its new machines at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and bring the new machines to market in the spring of 2013.

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