Boston’s Marin Hinkle on ‘Deception’

Actress Marin Hinkle says her “proper, respectful, New England upbringing’’ may be the reason she’s on television. “I’ve always felt like the reason I became an actor is because I look for more high drama than what I had at home,’’ she says with a smile. If the Boston native — who plays Jon Cryer’s ex-wife Judith on “Two and a Half Men’’ — was seeking drama, she has found it in her new NBC series, “Deception,’’ which premiered Monday. Hinkle was in Pasadena, Calif., over the weekend talking up “Deception’’ — a mystery thriller starring Meagan Good as a detective who goes undercover to investigate a wealthy family headed up by Victor Garber — at a Television Critics Association press tour. “This particular show, my God, the family has so many dark secrets. Everything you think you know about somebody is the opposite of what really is,’’ says Hinkle, who plays the wife of the family’s eldest son, played by
Tate Donovan
of “Argo.’’ “It’s like a great page-turning mystery novel.’’ Hinkle only had a small part in the “Deception’’ pilot but was asked to be a series regular. And although her role has been limited on “Men,’’ she hopes to reappear there as well before the end of the season. That’s why Hinkle is glad she got some time to relax and see her family over the holidays, visiting with her relatives in the North End and skiing in New Hampshire. The actress, who has also appeared onstage in Williamstown and Boston, hopes to get back to the theater during the “Deception’’ hiatus. “I have my radar open to any play, if you hear of one let me know!’’


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