Probation, counseling ordered after 2011 hazing incident involving Andover High team

A man has been placed on probation and ordered to undergo counseling after a 2011 hazing incident involving the Andover High School varsity basketball team, Bristol County prosecutors announced today.

Craig Luschenat, 19, of Andover admitted to “sufficient facts’’ and was sentenced to two years of supervised probation and mandatory counseling for at least three months. He was also ordered to stay away from the two victims and all Andover High School basketball games, said Bristol district attorney’s spokesman Gregg Miliote.

If Luschenat is “charged with any new crimes during the next two years or if he violates the conditions set by the judge, a guilty finding will be entered, he could be re-sentenced, and could face potential jail time,’’ Miliote said.


Another hazing case is also pending against a juvenile, but authorities would not release any further information due to his age, Miliote said in a statement.

The hazing incident allegedly occurred while the Andover team was attending the Hoops Mountain sleepover basketball camp in July 2011 at Stonehill College in Easton.

Seven members of the team were disciplined for their involvement in an alleged sexual hazing act called “wet biscuit,’’ in which two younger teammates were allegedly forced to eat cookies covered in bodily fluids, the Globe reported in December 2011. The basketball team’s coach, David Fazio, was placed on paid administrative leave following the incidents, and reinstated that month.

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