Shooting suspect eludes authorities after man fired upon near Dorchester Municipal Court

Heavily-armed Boston police officers this afternoon have completed searching a Bowdoin Avenue home in Dorchester, apparently without locating a man they suspected of playing a role in a brazen shooting incident outside Dorchester Municipal Court.

Police had closed off a portion of the neighborhood to allow members of the department’s entry team — the SWAT team — to search for the man they believed had barricaded himself inside the building. The entry team, shortly after 1 p.m., left the neighborhood, while uniformed officers remained behind.

Police towed a black Mercedes Benz sedan parked in front of the home that witnesses said they had seen speeding away from the Codman Square neighborhood after shots were fired at about 10:05 a.m.

The target of the gunfire escaped injury and ran inside the Washington Street courthouse for safety, according to witness Shawn Thomas, who congratulated the man for successfully avoiding being shot. Thomas also said the man appeared “hysterical’’ and “scared’’ after the incident.


At the courthouse, police also seized the victim’s blue Mercedes Benz sedan, which had been parked outside the building.

Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, said prosecutors and support staff were ordered to stay inside the courthouse during the investigation.

“No one in the courthouse was injured, for which we feel great relief,’’ Wark said.

After the shooting, police recovered ballistic evidence on Tremlett Street near the courthouse and then rushed to the Bowdoin Avenue home where they believed the possible suspect was cornered.

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