Boston Bruins practice is halted after fan suffers apparent seizure

The Boston Bruins practice in Wilmington late this morning was halted when a fan apparently had a seizure, officials said.

The Bruins were holding a public practice at the Ristuccia Memorial Arena when a fan seated in the stands fell, apparently unconscious and suffering a seizure, just after 10:30 a.m., said Wilmington Police Lieutenant John Brown.

The team stopped practicing as emergency medical workers assisted the fan. People came to the man’s help quickly, Brown said, crediting the speedy response to multiple emergency response workers already on the scene.

“An off-duty firefighter saw the gentleman fall and called police,’’ he said. The Bruins’s trainer also helped stabilize the man.

Athletic trainers are “trained pretty much to the same level as EMS, if not more. He was very, very good,’’ Brown said.

Afterward, practice continued with 3-on-3 drills.

No further information was immediately available.


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