Martha Coakley, Steve Grossman endorse Markey for Senate in special election

Attorney General Martha Coakley and state Treasurer Steve Grossman today endorsed Representative Edward J. Markey’s Senate bid, solidifying establishment support as Representative Stephen Lynch and other would-be challengers consider running for the Democratic nomination.

The endorsements from two well-known statewide officeholders come a day after a slew of mayors and legislators from Markey’s Malden-based district offered their support. Grossman, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, is considered a leading contender for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2014 and Coakley won the Democratic nomination for Senate in the 2010 special election, before losing to Republican Scott Brown.

Markey has also secured support from Victoria Kennedy, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Senator John F. Kerry, whose seat will become vacant if Kerry is confirmed as secretary of state. Kerry’s confirmation hearings began today and a vote is expected next week, paving the way for a special election to replace him in June or July.


“I have great respect for Ed Markey’s work as a passionate, effective legislator and leader on so many important issues for the people of Massachusetts and our country,’’ Coakley said in a press release from the Markey campaign. “Ed is leading the charge to end our dependence on foreign oil, protect women’s rights and reproductive health, and keep deadly assault weapons off our streets. His work to pass groundbreaking telecommunications laws has helped to create good jobs in the Commonwealth and across the country. Massachusetts needs a leader and champion with the energy, ability and proven experience to tackle the great challenges of our day and help lead us to an even brighter future. There is no person better for the job than Ed Markey, and I am proud to support him as our next United States Senator.’’

Grossman, in his statement, said he has been friends with Markey for 40 years.

“The same strong values he learned growing up in Malden drive him today: integrity, fairness, and opportunity for all,’’ Grossman said. “Ed combines these principles with passion and creativity that make him not only a valued colleague but also an effective leader both here in Massachusetts and in Washington.’’

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