Hadley spirit-meister launches V-One Love vodka

Western Massachusetts is generally not regarded as a hotbed of vodka-making, but Paul Kozub of Hadley hopes to make it one.

Photo courtesy of Valley Vodka Inc.

After extensive travels to Poland and much trial-and-error, Kozub said his Valley Vodka Inc. is launching a flavored vodka called V-One Love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“For the last five years, I have worked on over 30 different flavored-vodka recipes and I know I hit a home run with V-One Love,’’ Kozub said in a statement. “V-One Love is a careful blend of two of the world’s most expensive vanilla varieties. The first is Tahitian vanilla, known for its incredible aroma that is floral with tones of ripe fruit. The second vanilla is Madagascar vanilla, the world’s most popular vanilla which is rich, creamy, and smooth. These two vanillas combined with a hint of essence of rose, gives V-One Love a uniquely rich, creamy, and sophisticated taste that complements our award winning vodka.’’


The V-One Love will come in 750 milliliter bottles and will retail for between $30.99 and $35.99; it will be available next month in select sttores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

“With the rash of flavored vodkas such as peanut butter and jelly, root beer, or bubble gum flavor on the shelves, V-One Love aims to stand out as the elegant flavored vodka,’’ Kozub added.

Here at the Business Update desk, we haven’t been so impressed by a transparent spirit since we eyeballed a vodka igloo in a Washington, D.C., restaurant many years ago. If memory serves — and maybe it doesn’t — that indoor igloo could sleep four.

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