Hanover Insurance recommendations on how to help protect your home during a blizzard

The Hanover Insurance Group of Worcester offered tips Friday for homeowners looking to avoid or reduce damage from winter storms.

While preventive maintenance performed before winter may be the ideal course of action, there are still steps that can be taken. Large snow loads on the roofs of homes and businesses are something the people should be vigilant about, the company said.

But don’t “put untrained individuals on roofs to clear snow,’’ the company said. “Falls from roofs and possible exposure to electrical wires while on the roof are serious hazards.’’

More advice from Hanover Insurance: “Make certain that gutters, drains and downspouts are clear of ice and debris. Clear snow and ice away from exhaust vents that go through exterior walls.’’


“Clear areas around downspouts so that water from melting snow has a path to flow away from the house or building,’’ Hanover added.

More tips are offered in Hanover’s press release.

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