Ping4 raises $4m for app that alerts smartphone users to ‘geographically relevant’ emergencies

Ping4 Inc., a Nashua, N.H., company that specializes in location-based alerts for use in mobile applications, said Monday that it has completed a $4 million private placement capital raise.

Ping4 added that it has raised nearly $7 million to date.

The company says its “ping4alerts!’’ provide information to smartphone users who have down-loaded its app. Alerts are issued regarding “geographically relevant dangers and emergencies that are in close proximity to smartphones bearing the app,’’ the company said.

When a government agency issues a warning using a ping4alert!, it doesn’t need to know any information about users who have downloaded the app, Ping4 said.


“Authorities can reach them without knowing their e-mail, street address, or phone number,’’ the company said. “It allows local authorities to reach temporary visitors to their jurisdiction whom they know nothing about. The public can opt-in to receive these alerts while remaining completely anonymous.’’

In a statement Ping4 chief executive Jim Bender added, “The future of disaster management is putting life saving information in the hands of the public at the intersection of ‘right here and right now.’’’

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