Lucky cluck gets plucked from snow bank; Somerville police rescue stuck chicken

A Somerville police officer with the lucky chicken.
A Somerville police officer with the lucky chicken. –Somerville Police Department

Beyond crossing the road, no one is sure why a chicken was stuck in a Somerville snow bank Tuesday night, police said.

Somerville police received a call around 7 p.m. of a “chicken stuck in a snow bank’’ near the Elm Street Shaw’s supermarket employee parking lot, said Somerville Police Deputy Chief Paul Upton.

“Officer Difava bravely jumped into action and saved the chicken from certain peril,’’ Somerville police said on the department website. The website featured a photo of a Somerville police officer smiling and holding what appears to be the rescued chicken.

It is not clear how or why the chicken was stuck in the snow bank, nor what was done with the chicken after the rescue.


“I would say this is not a common event in our city. We rescue dogs and cats but I think this might be the first chicken we’ve ever seen,’’ Upton said.

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