Keurig’s Vue coffee maker is an Edison Awards finalist

Keurig Vue Brewing System, a single-serve coffee machine with a Massachusetts connection, has been named a 2013 Award Finalist by the Edison Awards committee, which seeks to honor innovators and the legacy of inventor Thomas Alva Edison, said Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., Keurig’s Vermont parent company.

Photo taken from Keurig’s website.

Keurig has much of its operations in Massachusetts.

The Keurig Vue, which looks to push the envelope on java and joe innovation, is a finalist in the consumer packaged goods beverage preparation category, one of 12 categories honored by the Edison Awards, said Green Mountain, which sometimes refers to itself as GMCR.

In a statement, Michelle Stacy, president of Green Mountain’s Keurig business unit, said, “The Keurig Vue brewing system represents the most advanced system in Keurig’s single-serve beverage delivery and is a great example of GMCR’s commitment to delivering sustained innovation. By adding features that allow consumers to brew what they love the way they love it – stronger, bigger and hotter – we’ve further enhanced consumer choice and we believe broadened the appeal of the Keurig Single Cup Brewing System.’’


Keurig makes single-serve brewing machines that use single-serve pods of coffee called K-Cup packs. It also offers the Vue System, a single-serve brewing machine that allows for more customization.

Keurig has been so successful in popularizing single-serve coffee machines that rivals now look to poach on its turf.

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