MTV pranks Twitter, fakes hacking

MTV pranked the Twittersphere today when it made several irregular posts followed by #MTVHACK.

The charade lasted nearly an hour, starting at about 3 p.m. with a nod to Burger King, which was hacked on Monday.

“MMM. THIS BURGER TASTES GOOD!!!!!!!!!!’’ the entertainment company wrote. It donned a BET logo as its picture and at about 3:50 it came clean: “We totally Catfish-ed you guys. Thanks for playing! <3 you, @BET. ;)’’

The company did not release an official statement. A spokesman for Twitter wrote in an email that it does not comment on individual accounts “for privacy and security reasons.’’

Denny’s also added to the conversation.


“OMG we hacked ourselves because it’s the cool thing to do!’’ accompanied by a photo of a large stack of pancakes labeled “waffles.’’

Earlier today, a Chrysler spokesman confirmed that someone hacked into the Jeep brand’s Twitter account, the Associated Press reported. The hacker had control of the account for about an hour, using it to send out some profane content. Company spokesman Ed Garsten told the AP that because most people knew it was a prank, he is not concerned about damage to the brand.

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