Police cite Westin Copley Place after Tufts party gets out of hand

Police have cited the Westin Copley Place Hotel in Boston for several violations in connection with a Tufts University social event that was held on the premises earlier this month.

In a statement, Boston police said hotel security refused to shut down the party, which the school calls its annual Winter Bash, shortly after midnight Feb. 2, after police “observed numerous individuals leaving the 3rd floor ballroom, many of whom appeared extremely intoxicated due to alcohol consumption.’’

Security balked at a police request to shut the party down, the statement said. Officers also saw “several people later identified as Tufts University students passed out and throwing up in different rooms of the hotel.’’


Several students were taken to area hospitals, police said.

The hotel, however, said today that staff acted appropriately during the incident.

“The incident that took place at the hotel at a Tufts University function on February 1st, was effectively addressed onsite by hotel staff and university officials,’’ the Westin said in a statement released by a public relations agency. “No permanent damage was done to the hotel.’’

A spokeswoman declined further comment.

Police said the hotel was cited for a number of issues, including underaged drinking, uncooperative security, outside liquor brought onto the premises, and “intoxicated patrons needing medical attention.’’

The hotel will appear before the city’s Licensing Board for a hearing on the matter at a later date.

Tufts officials said earlier today that they would “take a hard look’’ at future school social events following the party at the hotel.

Of the 3,000 students who attended the Feb. 1 event at the Westin Copley Place Boston Hotel, 15 were treated for overconsumption of alcohol on site and six were taken to hospitals, a statement from the university said today.

“Those found to have violated our Student Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary consequences ranging from a warning to suspension,’’ Tufts director of public relations, Kimberly Thurler, said in an e-mail to the Globe.


A letter from Bruce Reitman, dean of student affairs, published in the school’s student paper on Tuesday, said other students were seen vomiting in various parts of the hotel, urinating in the lobby, and being rude to hotel staff.

“This kind of behavior is not unique to our university but it is absolutely unacceptable,’’ Thurler said. “Our students and administration are taking a hard look to see what changes we need to make to encourage responsible actions by students and prevent the rude and risky behavior that marred this year’s event.’’

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