State Police: Traffic stop results in recovery of 450 grams of suspected heroin and $4,500 in cash

A cracked windshield captured the interest of a State Police trooper patrolling in Brockton on Monday. A short time later, the car’s driver was arrested and authorities had seized $4,500 in cash and 450 grams of suspected heroin from a hideaway in the car.

Trooper Keith Ledlin was patrolling in the city south of Boston around 5:30 p.m. when he spotted the car, State Police said in a statement.

Ledlin pulled the car over and quickly shifted his focus from a traffic violation to something potentially more serious, especially after he allegedly saw the driver stuff something inside his jacket, State Police said.


The driver was identified as Julio Monteiro, 26, of Brockton.

“Monteiro produced a Massachusetts driver’s license and a registration but could not identify the owner of the vehicle,’’ State Police said. “After several more questions Monteiro became noticeably afraid and would not tell Trooper Ledlin what he placed into his jacket pocket.’’

Ledlin arrested Monteiro after learning his right to drive had been suspended, State Police said.

Searching Monteiro after taking him into custody, Ledlin allegedly discovered $4,500 in cash stuffed into one of Monteiro’s pockets, State Police said.

Ledlin then called in a specially trained K-9 dog and minutes later, another discovery was allegedly made. “The K9 identified a hidden compartment in the vehicle; 450 grams of heroin were hidden inside the compartment,’’ State Police said.

The list of charges facing Monteiro grew with each discovery, State Police said. He now faces charges of heroin trafficking, along with charges of driving on a suspended license, failure to signal, and faulty motor vehicle equipment.

He is scheduled to be arraigned today in Brockton District Court.

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