Hub ad agency Arnold Worldwide helps Al Gore take on global warming skeptics

Boston ad agency Arnold Worldwide said it is collaborating with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to launch Reality Drop, an initiative that is using online game mechanics as it seeks to build an advocacy community that can be mobilized to take on critics of global warming.

Former Vice President Al Gore talks about his latest book, “The Future,” during the Savannah Book Festival earlier this month. (AP Photo/The Morning News, Richard Burkhart)

Reality Drop offers a database of more than 100 popular climate change myths along with the science to refute them, Arnold said.

“When we sat down with Al Gore to talk about ways to move the climate change conversation forward, media coverage had declined sharply over the past three years,’’ Pete Favat, Arnold’s managing partner and chief creative officer, said in a statement. “We had to custom-design a strategy that wouldn’t just find the right people passionate about this topic, but also make it easy for them to speak up and take part in real-time discussions that work in our digital culture. Traditional advertising just can’t do that.’’


The video below explains some more of the thinking behind Reality Drop. Alert: The video is nearly two minutes long.

According to Arnold, its work on the anti-tobacco “truth’’ campaign attracted the attention of Gore and his colleagues and led to the collaboration.

Arnold’s clients include such well known brands as Jack Daniels, Volvo, and Progressive Insurance.

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