‘The Onion’ is fake, Globe uncovers

In a big-city newspaper exclusive, The Boston Globe today uncovered evidence that The Onion, a website that claims to be “America’s Finest News Source,’’ is in fact not a legitimate news source, but a website full of satire and fake news.

The newspaper discovered the shocking truth after scouring a recent Onion article. The article is headlined “Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game of Big City.’’ The giveaway that the article was satire was the use of the word “charming’’ in the same sentence with the “T,’’ the city’s trolley and subway system. Bostonians use many words to describe the “T’’ and it’s fair to say, the Globe has learned, that “charming’’ is not one of them.


Another obvious mistake was the Onion’s quoting of a Boston College student, who said “It’s really cool going to school in the city.’’ Any savvy Bostonian knows that describing Boston College as being “in the city’’ is obviously a falsehood.

If there was one clue, more than all the others, to the article being suspicious, it was a reference to people eating a big, fancy dinner at the top of the Prudential Center. When a reporter queried a person entering the Prudential Center and asked if there is a restaurant on top, the man laughed and said, “That’s wicked funny.’’

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