Bill Belichick answers questions on Twitter

David Halberstam’s book notwithstanding, we know very little about Bill Belichick personally. The Pats coach just doesn’t talk about his life off the field. So we were mildly amused and interested when the Hooded One joined girlfriend Linda Holliday for an impromptu Q&A on Twitter the other day. Belichick was typically laconic, but at least he answered. Asked about his favorite coaching memory, the Pats coach replied, “[Tedy] Bruschi dumping water on me & my Dad.’’ Favorite Bon Jovi song? “Bounce.’’ Current or former player or coach he’d most like to have lunch with? “Paul Brown.’’ Is he a fan of Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix? “Both.’’ Whom he’d rather have on his team in their prime, Deion Sanders or Jerry Rice? “Deion.’’ Book everyone should read? “Three Nights in August.’’ Biggest offseason priority? “Better coaching.’’ Finally, Belichick was asked when he’ll be on Twitter. “No time soon!’’


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