Panjiva: ‘No drought of stout this St. Patrick’s Day’

St. Patrick’s Day revelers can rest easy — that’s because shipments of stout and some Irish whiskeys are running smartly ahead of last year’s levels.

So concludes Panjiva, a firm with offices in New York and Cambridge that analyzes bills of lading for ships bringing goods to the United States. The technologies that Panjiva uses were developed under the leadership of company cofounder James Psota, a computer scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Panjiva then sells its data and analysis to manufacturers and suppliers.

After sifting through recent data, Panjiva concluded, “No drought of stout this St. Patrick’s Day.’’


Shipments of stout are up nearly 5 percent over last year’s levels and almost 15 percent over that time period in 2011, Panjiva said. Shipments of Jameson, a brand of Irish whiskey, are up 430 percent over 2012.

“While the reasons for the jump are unclear, it’s certain that we’ll have plenty of beer and whiskey to celebrate with this weekend,’’ Panjiva said.

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