‘Boston Rob’ teams with Gillette to promote close shaves

Forget about “Kiss me, I’m Irish.’’ All he probably has to say is “Kiss me, I’m ‘Boston Rob’.’’ Local boy Rob Mariano, the reality TV star of both “Amazing Race’’ and “Survivor,’’ is helping out local company Gillette during South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Gillette says 85 percent of women prefer their men stubble-free, and so all day, Gillette ambassadors will be snapping shots of kissing couples. The pictures will appear on the Gillette float, manned by Mariano, who tells us that he “personally can’t stand the stubble.’’ After free shaves and swag, every man can have a beer and declare “Kiss Me, I’m Smooth Shaven.’’ We just hope the folks doing the close shaves have not partaken in the festivities.


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