Brockton teen sought in stabbing of another teen at city’s alternative high school

Brockton police are searching for a student from the city’s alternative high school who allegedly stabbed another Brockton teen inside the Green Building on the Brockton High School campus Monday night, officials said.

The suspect, 16, is a student at the Edison Academy, the city’s one-year-old alternative high school for students restarting their education, which operates evening classes at the high school campus, said Jocelyn Meek, spokeswoman for the Brockton school system.

Meek said that the victim and a friend went to Edison Academy around 4 p.m. Monday after having arranged a meeting with the school’s principal to discuss their joining the school.


After talking with the principal, the two visitors went and confronted the student in a hallway, Meek said. The student stabbed one of the visitors, Meek said.

The victim was taken to Brockton Hospital for treatment of an injury that was not considered life-threatening, said Meek.

Meek said the Edison Academy is now in its first full year of operation and serves a total of 70 students. She said the system will examine its security plans in the wake of the incident.

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