Massport approves $54 million in additional funds for Terminal B renovation

The Massachusetts Port Authority gave the Terminal B renovation at Logan International Airport a $54 million boost Thursday, approving the additional funding to finish connecting the terminal’s concourses behind security.

The project, slated to cost approximately $124 million by the time it’s finished next year, will also include 24 new ticket counter spots, a consolidated security checkpoint with more lanes, eight new departure lounges, new concession space, and a new baggage carousel.

The new Terminal B will be home to United Airlines, which has been operating out of the A and C terminals following the merger of United and Continental Airlines. The terminal will continue to house US Airways and American Airlines, which recently announced a merger.


“As the number of airline mergers has accelerated in recent years, airports have had to accommodate these new alliances to allow passengers to more easily and conveniently connect between flights,’’ Thomas Glynn, chief executive at Massport, said in a statement.

Currently, the gates at Terminal B are not connected to one another behind security. The renovations will allow passengers to go from the United and American side of the terminal to the US Airways side without having to go through security a second time. The project will also give passengers using the two gates currently used by Virgin America access to the food court and concessions in the terminal.

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