Patrick administration lawyers will review medical board director’s e-mails for release

The Boston Globe’s request for e-mails exchanged by the former state medical board director, filed more than two months ago and still unanswered, has been handed over to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services for processing.

Spokesman Alec Loftus said Thursday that Dr. Stancel Riley’s e-mails, which were found in archived folders on a state server after being reported missing by board staff, must be reviewed by attorneys in the executive office “page by page,’’ before they can be released.

In the 18 months before Riley left his position as executive director of the Board of Registration in Medicine in December, all board members were replaced or left their seats, as the governor worked to overhaul a board that had been criticized for leniency and lack of transparency.


The Globe filed a public records request with the board for Riley’s e-mails on Jan. 14 and reported on Thursday that board members had raised concerns with state officials after the e-mails could not be located.

The records were found on a server by technology analysts, but attorneys on the board staff had not processed them for release in response to the Globe’s request, Loftus said. There was no evidence that Riley’s e-mails had been “purposefully deleted,’’ he said, though he provided no further explanation.

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