Nancy Pelosi to visit Boston, appear with Rep. Michael Capuano

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit Boston this afternoon, joining with a serviceworkers’ union to mark the Family and Medical Leave Act. While Pelosi’s visit is ostensibly rooted in federal employment policy, the timing of the visit and who she’ll be standing next to hint at a pending chapter in local politics.

Joining Pelosi at the Service Employees International Union Local 615 headquarters will be a longtime ally, Representative Michael Capuano. The Somerville Democrat held a key post in Democrats’ Pelosi-led transition to the majority after the 2006 mid-term elections and she tapped him to lead an ethics task force, part of the Democrats’ “drain the swamp’’ effort, which met with mixed results.


While aides say Pelosi’s visit is not for electoral purposes, it’s a reminder of her alliance with Capuano, whom many Democrats expect to run for governor next year.

Because of the special US Senate election, what would be a ripe time for gubernatorial jockeying has effectively been postponed. But once that election is over, attention will turn to the 2014 gubernatorial and US Senate races.

Capuano’s name recognition, organization, and ties to labor will give him more time to make his decision about a run than other prospective candidates. Pelosi endorsed him in 2009 during his ill-fated bid for the Senate seat left open by Senator Edward Kennedy’s death. If she came to his aid again in a 2014 race for the corner office, he’d be gaining the support of one of the party’s top fundraisers and its highest-ranking elected woman.

A Capuano spokeswoman did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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