Truro crews work to restore dune, keep seawater out of river

Crews from the Truro public works department are reinforcing a sand dune that was completely washed out in the March 8-9 storm, in order to stop flooding in the Pamet River Valley while town officials plan a permanent fix.

The sand dune at Ballston Beach, on Cape Cod’s eastern shoreline, previously acted as a barrier between the sea and the Pamet River Valley, which stretches from east to west across the Cape. That dune was overwashed for the first time in 13 years during the early March storm, which brought days of continuous high winds and tides to east-facing shorelines across New England.


Without the dune, salt water inundates the fresh water river and marsh, damaging the septic systems and wells of 70 homes in the valley, Truro Conservation Commission Chairwoman Deborah McCutcheon said.

Today public works crews are building a sand berm. Once the excess water has vacated the valley, McCutcheon said, a permanent solution can be determined by looking at the hydrology in the area.

“The water is rising here on the Cape and it’s likely to over-wash again,’’ McCutcheon said.

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