Grand Canal club bouncer pleads not guilty to weekend assault on patrons

A bouncer from the Grand Canal club pleaded not guilty to one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on Tuesday, after he was arrested over the weekend for allegedly kicking and punching a group of club-goers during a fight that sent three people to the hospital, prosecutors said.

Sidney Phillips, 31, of Avon, was released on $1,500 cash bail after his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court.

Boston police arrested Phillips early Sunday morning after they identified him using a cellphone video of the fight, which allegedly showed Phillips kicking a man in the head three times while the victim was on the ground.


Phillips was the only bouncer arrested after the fight, but a police report on the incident lists one other unknown bouncer as a suspect. Witnesses told police that another bouncer held the male victim down while Phillips kicked him and a third bouncer choked one woman and kicked another in the stomach, according to the report.

Phillips’ lawyer could not be reached for comment. The patrons did not suffer serious injuries.

David Murray, owner of the Grand Canal, and the club’s lawyers declined to comment on Phillips’ arrest or whether other bouncers were involved. Murray attended a Licensing Board hearing regarding the club, which is located on Canal Street, on Tuesday, but no vote was cast, said board spokeswoman Nicole Murati Ferrer.

The police report said that the fight began when a group of 10 men and women at the club accidentally bumped into a another woman.

When that woman began to argue with the group, an unknown bouncer “charged the group and escorted them out with great physical force,’’ the victims told police, according to the report.

One of the alleged victims told police that once outside the club, an unknown bouncer kicked her in the stomach and threw her in a car. When her boyfriend tried to intervene, he was allegedly tackled by another bouncer and Phillips repeatedly kicked him in the head, the report said.


The report said Phillips was involved in another assault at the Grand Canal in November, although details of that incident were not immediately available.

The club’s managers were also “not very cooperative’’ when police arrived to break up the fight, the police report said. They were slow to assemble the club’s bouncers and it took officers over 20 minutes to find Phillips, who was hiding in the basement of the club wearing a different set of clothes than earlier in the night, according to the report.

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