Feds find Fung Wah ‘imminent hazard’

Federal regulators on Thursday deemed Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc. “an imminent hazard to public safety’’ and issued an updated order requiring the discount bus service to shut down operations.

The order is the second from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requiring Fung Wah to cease operating. The agency, part of the Transportation Department, issued the first order about a month ago when Fung Wah refused to cooperate with an investigation of its safety practices.

Calls to Fung Wah were not returned Thursday.

The agency began digging into Fung Wah’s safety and record keeping practices
after state inspections found cracks in some bus frames. The investigation has since discovered that Fung Wah failed to meet several federal requirements, including performing drug and alcohol testing and background checks on drivers, officials said. Fung Wah was also accused of allowing drivers to falsify records.


Fung Wah did not have an effective vehicle maintenance program in place, federal regulators said. In addition, vehicle and inspection records produced by the company were deemed unreliable because some mechanics were not working on the dates they signed the reports.


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