Many hoop fans turn to iPod Touch, Galaxy S III for March Madness updates, Jumptap says

Much has been written about the March Madness college basketball tournament and its potential for slowing down workplace productivity, the theory being that office drones become so engrossed in hoops hoop-la that they neglect the boss’s business.

iPod Touch. Photo taken from an Apple website.

And given today’s technology, which can enable fans at work to keep tournament news under surveillance on their iPads, the opportunity for shirking assigned tasks is greater than ever.

Now evidence is emerging that students are no slouches when it comes to using mobile devices to check in on basketball doings. The evidence comes in the form of new research from Jumptap Inc., a Boston firm that studies the habits of consumers who use mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones.


(If workplace productivity slows in March, could college students be falling behind in their scholarship as well? In other words, could one surmise from the Jumptap data on students that the proverbial dog who eats homework could be one hefty mutt by the tournament’s end?)

In any case, Jumptap looked at mobile traffic for the first few weeks of March and then combined it with data from third-party partners. One pattern that emerged was a surge in traffic among consumers who use the iPod Touch device, the firm said.

“Engineered for maximum funness,’’ Apple Inc. says of its iPod Touch. According to Jumptap, the iPhone Touch was one of the top devices of choice for March Madness fans — a demo presumably that seeks out maximum funness with heedless intensity.

“Jumptap finds that March Madness fans skew slightly younger and less affluent than the overall mobile population – characteristics that are consistent with the demographics of iPod Touch users,’’ the company said in a release about its March MobileSTAT Report.

The Jumptap report also concluded that Galaxy S III smartphone from Samsung Corp. was used extensively by March Madness fan in recent weeks.

Jumptap’s conclusion: Advertisers looking to reach March Madness spectators should include the iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy S III in their media mix.

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