A chocolatier’s bonanza: Average kid will eat 7 Easter eggs this weekend, poll finds

At a time when bunnies jump and frisk and Willy Wonka has to put on a night shift at his chocolate factory, a retail website called Mydeals.com projects that the average US child will consumer more than 5,000 calories worth of junk food over the Easter holidays.

Looked at another way, the data points suggest that the average child over age 4 will eat seven chocolate eggs as each receives about $36 worth of Easter treats this weekend.

Mydeals.com is a website that specializes in matching consumers with the specific types of discounted merchandise that an individual consumer is interested in.


After seeing a surge in searches for “cheap Easter eggs,’ Mydeals.com said it conducted a “flash poll’’ to determine how many calories the average American child will consume over the four-day period centered on Easter. According to Mydeals.com, 1,928 parents with at least one child over the age of 4 were part of the poll.

In arriving at its 5,000 calorie total, Mydeals.com noted that a six-ounce chocolate Easter egg typically weighs in at about 550 calories. And just as gourmets often “pair’’ a fancy dinner with a fine wine, many kids are inclined to “pair’’ an Easter egg with a soft drink for maximum enjoyment, the survey suggested. (Not surprisingly perhaps, a soda-and-chocolate-egg diet can get a person to a 5,000-calorie total pretty quick.)

Tom Packer, cofounder of MyDeals.com, commented on the flash poll’s results in a statement.

“Easter is a very popular time of year for sweet treats, and with this latest research showing that children will consume over 5000 calories worth of chocolates and snacks, it is no wonder that many American children are facing obesity issues!’’ he said. “While many children enjoy snacking on treats, what truly surprised me was how many parents admitted that they purchased all these snacks, without thinking of the calorie content.’’

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