Marine Corps vet attending community college wins $2,500 a week for life

A 25-year-old Marine Corps veteran who has been attending Quinsigamond Community College on the GI bill won’t have to worry about his tuition bills anymore.

Ryan Bartholomew (Massachusetts State Lottery)

Ryan Bartholomew of Worcester won a Massachusetts State Lottery scratch ticket game that will pay him $2,500 a week for life, the lottery said in a statement.

Bartholomew claimed the prize today in the “$2,500 A Week For Life’’ game, the lottery said.

The $5 ticket was purchased at Holly Farms in Webster. Bartholomew’s grandfather gave it to him as a birthday present.

Bartholomew was discharged from the Marines in January 2012. He plans to bank the money and save for the future, the lottery said.

The lottery also announced today that retiree Stephen Whynot of Newton had won a $1 million prize.


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