Paranormal investigators to search Middleborough Town Hall for ghostly activity

Solomon Eaton drew up plans for the building that is now the Middleborough Town Hall more than 130 years ago.

According to legend, his ghost still inhabits the building, which was constructed in 1873.

“He died before he saw it completed,’’ said Middleborough Selectman Allin Frawley. “There’s one school of thought that he’s still walking through his project making sure everything’s going to be OK.’’

Local paranormal investigators will survey the building tonight looking for signs that it is haunted, Frawley said. He said it is the third group that has searched for paranormal activity during his three years on the Board of Selectmen.


Frawley said many people in Middleborough believe town hall is haunted.

“People who work in the building every day, nobody’s real happy about being there alone at night,’’ he said.

Tonight Frawley will give the investigators a tour of the building before they begin to work. He said they approached him a few weeks ago about conducting an investigation, and the town is not paying or charging them.

Along the way, they will see vestiges of the building’s past such as the jail cells in the basement.

“It’s got a pretty colorful history,’’ Frawley said. “At one point it was a jail, it was a morgue, it’s been town hall.’’

Stories about ghosts in the building have attracted believers in paranormal activity for years. Frawley said last year some investigators came through and recorded a memorably eerie image.

“They got one pretty spooky picture upstairs in the grand ballroom,’’ where there are believed to be possible spirits, Frawley said.

The selectman said he is unsure if he believes in ghosts, but there is something strange about town hall.

“You see just out of the corner of your eye. Things seem to be there,’’ Frawley said.

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