Boston’s TV shows can’t beat ‘Duck Dynasty’ and ‘The Walking Dead’

In this image released by AMC, zombies appear in a scene from the second season of the AMC original series, "The Walking Dead," in Senoia, Ga.. Just down the road from a tiny country church in rural Georgia, the apocalypse has already arrived. A band of scrappy survivors are fighting the undead, camping in the woods in hopes of outrunning the hordes of zombies roaming their world. (AP Photo/AMC, Gene Page) –AP

Seems like it’s a good time for us to do a ratings check on our Boston television shows. To start, the Donnie Wahlberg
-produced reality series “Boston’s Finest,’’ which follows local cops, appears to have drawn about a million viewers the last few weeks, about 300,000 to 500,000 of which are between the ages of 18 and 49, according to Nielsen. In general, the viewership is solid, but it seems that “Boston’s Finest’’ just can’t keep up with A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,’’ which had more than three million viewers last week during the same time slot, according to TV By the Numbers, which tracks television trends. Still, “Boston’s Finest’’ is faring far better than “Wicked Single,’’ the VH1 reality show about Boston nightlifers that’s a bit too close to “Jersey Shore’’ for comfort. The series, which debuted on St. Patrick’s Day, hasn’t made the Top 100 list for Sunday-night shows. The big winner during its 11 p.m. time slot has been an encore of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.’’


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