Gomez is first GOP Senate hopeful to run TV ads

If you watched the Red Sox game today, you probably caught a glimpse of it: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez’s new television advertisement, the first any GOP candidate has launched in the race.

The 30-second spot is largely biographical, focusing on Gomez’s time spent in the armed forces as a U.S. Navy SEAL. It launched last week and is set to run through the April 30 primary.

“I had a calling from an early age to serve my family’s adopted country,’’ Gomez says from a podium, after introducing himself in Spanish. “I’ve got that old fashioned view that if you come to America you should commit to the idea of America.’’


The Gomez campaign would not disclose the cost or scope of the ad buy, which went up a week after Gomez announced he had raised $350,000 since entering the race.

“This is a serious buy,’’ said Will Ritter, Gomez’s press secretary. “If you watch broadcast television in Massachusetts you will probably run into this spot.’’

While neither of the two other GOP candidates have begun television advertisements, state Representative Daniel Winslow has begun airing statewide radio ads. The Conservative Campaign Committee, which supports former US Attorney Michael Sullivan, has said it is raising money for television ads.

Both Democratic candidates for the US Senate seat, Congressmen Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch, have already begun airing television ads.

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