Chilly temps on tap until Thurday; forecasters warn of brush fire danger

Last night’s cold front is bringing more than a chill to the air.

Regardless of Monday’s showers, dry air and high winds lasting through Wednesday are creating conditions for brush fires, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a hazardous weather outlook for the entire state. Forecasters expect winds will reach 35 miles per hour this afternoon.

Meteorologist Charlie Foley urged restraint from drivers tempted to flick cigarette butts into brush along roadways.

“With these drying winds,’’ he said, “it just evaporates whatever benefits you had with the recent precipitation.’’

Monday’s daytime highs broke 60 degrees in Boston, but temperatures this morning barely broke 30 thanks to the cold front that barged into the region Monday afternoon.


Lows better-suited to late February clung to the state this morning, Foley said, with Springfield at 24 degrees, Orange at 26, Plymouth at 27, and Fitchburg and Bedford at 28 degrees.

Temperatures won’t warm much today and Wednesday, Foley said, with daytime highs in Boston reaching 42 degrees, and overnight lows dipping to 28, though skies are expected to remain clear.

Things will begin to recover Thursday, with highs in the 50s. Friday holds a chance for precipitation, though “it looks to be wet rather than white,’’ Foley said. The weekend should be mild with clear skies.

Next week, Foley said models are even hinting at another round of 60-degree days.

“Once we hit next week, we’re out of the woods,’’ he said.

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