Stephen King and wife Tabitha donate to Poe statue

Plans to build a statue honoring Edgar Allan Poe

have received a boost from fellow writer Stephen King
. Maine’s master of the macabre and his wife, novelist Tabitha King
, have contributed $5,000 to help build a statute to commemorate Poe, who was born in Boston in 1809. The statue, a life-size bronze sculpture of Poe with a raven emerging from his trunk, and papers and a heart trailing behind him, is set to be built in Edgar Allan Poe Square, a brick plaza at the corner of Boylston and Charles streets. “When the unexpected donation arrived on April Fools’ Day, there was some disbelief for a second,’’ Dan Currie, president of the Poe Foundation of Boston, said in a statement. “But we are thrilled and tremendously grateful to have the support of the Kings. With it, they honor Poe, they honor the design of the proposed sculpture that artist Stefanie Rocknak calls ‘Poe Returning to Boston,’ and they honor our city as well,’’ Currie said. To date, the foundation has raised about one-third of the $175,000 needed to complete the project. It previously announced a $25,000 donation from the Highland Street Foundation and a $10,000 donation from Susan Jaffe Tane, a collector of Poe manuscripts and artifacts. King’s donation reminds us of some unkind things literary critic Harold Bloom
had to say about the author of “The Shining,’’ “Salem’s Lot,’’ and “The Stand.’’ A decade ago, after the National Book Foundation gave its annual award for “distinguished contribution’’ to King, Bloom complained that the Bangor-based writer “shares nothing with Edgar Allan Poe. . . . What he is is an immensely inadequate writer on a sentence-by-sentence, paragraph-by-paragraph, book-by-book basis.’’ And an enormously successful one.


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