Two teenagers allegedly stole purse from woman in wheelchair in Lowell

Lowell police have arrested two teenagers who allegedly stole a purse from a 58-year-old woman in a wheelchair last week.

Elvin Alvarez, 18, of Lowell, pleaded not guilty in Lowell District Court today to charges of receiving stolen property, operating a vehicle without a license, and unarmed robbery, said Stephanie Chelf Guyotte, a spokeswoman for Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone Jr.

Details about Alvarez’s 16-year-old accomplice were not available because he is being tried as a minor, Guyotte said.

On March 27, one of the boys allegedly stood as lookout while the other ran up behind the 58-year-old woman as she was traveling down South Street and ripped the purse out of her hands, a Lowell police statement said.


Lowell detectives were able to locate one of the boys after an officer familiar with the suspect recognized him from a photo obtained by detectives, the statement said. Police didn’t say where detectives got the photo.

“This brazen robbery of a woman in a wheelchair in broad daylight in a heavily populated area is very disturbing to say the least, we are glad to report that she was not injured,’’ said Lowell Police Captain Kelly Richardson.

Alvarez was held on $500 cash bail, Guyotte said.

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